Regional partnerships
Thought-out supply chains

Supply chain

Where do the things come from that are used daily? CERVO has organized its supply chains regionally in all areas or works with selected partners.

Why stray into the distance? The surroundings of Zermatt have incredibly much to offer. That is why CERVO has set itself the goal of sharing and supporting the regional characteristics with its guests. This not only ensures an authentic experience of the region, but also avoids long transport routes and the waste of resources. The rule of thumb is a distance of 150 kilometers from where we source our products for kitchen, equipment or services. For all products outside this framework, we have chosen sustainable companies.

Here a selection of our valued suppliers from nearby with purely regional products:

  • Honey from family Biner from Zermatt
  • Cheese and dairy products from the Horu Käserei from Zermatt and cheese shavings from the Binderalp
  • Meat from the Matterhorn butcher from Zermatt and Naturabeef from Edgar Imhoff from Raron
  • Bread from La cave à levain from Sion
  • Flour and grain products from the Altbachmühle from Wittnau
  • Grains and seeds from the Biofarm from Kleindietwill
  • Ecconomat from Walker from Brig
  • Vegetables and fruits from Toni Julen GmbH from Zermatt


Sustainable use of natural resources also includes a well thought-out value chain. The CERVO environment is therefore designed as a permaculture, producing energy, food and leaning on established structures. Like a small system in a larger network.